Sandy beaches in Lopar on island Rab, Croatia

Do you want to know where all the sandy beaches in Lopar are located? Check out our map!

Lopar with its 22 sandy beaches deserves the title “Sandy Heaven”. These benefits were noticed by tourists 120 years ago. Today, Lopar has some of the best sandy beaches in Croatia, which are also well known worldwide. Among the top 5 beaches in Lopar are the ones that attract the largest number of tourists, each of those beaches is special and beautiful in its own way. The biggest and most famous sandy beach in Lopar is 1.5 kilometers long Paradise Beach along which there are the most important tourist facilities. This is also the biggest and the most famous sandy beach on island Rab, and since 2003 it has the blue flag which is the symbol of quality and preserved environment. Paradise Beach is repeatedly awarded as the best arranged public beach with diverse tourist facilities and daily animation for tourists and visitors. In close proximity of the Paradise Beach, a very attractive beach called Livacina is found. The beach has facilities which include several buffets and bars that are situated in the shade of pine trees.

FKK - Nudist beaches in Lopar

Two of the most famous nudist beaches in Lopar are FKK Ciganka and FKK Sahara where visitors can enjoy unique views and landscapes. All nudist beaches in Lopar are hidden in nature, without any touristic facilities and they can be reached only by foot or by boat. Since the beaches are wild and untouched, they sometimes have very interesting and unusual natural sandy forms. Also, one of the more famous nudist beaches in Lopar is FKK Stolac which offers a series of hidden sandy and rocky places for all the visitors and also a small island which can be reached by walking through the shallow sea.